October 2015

A B Series Reorients

Following careful consideration, A B Series’ Board of Directors have decided to suspend the organization’s programming. As a result, A B Series’ ninth autumn to spring programming season will not proceed. It is with regret that we make this announcement. Numerous factors have contributed to the decision. Salient among them is a circumscribed budget and consequent diminution of our ability to program to the standards to which we’ve become accustomed. Completing another autumn to spring programming season would have put an untenable strain on our resources.

A B Series carries on as an entity as we transition to a new operating model. Going forward, a primary project for consideration is an A B Series anthology with contributions from artists who have appeared in the series so far. A B Series’ autumn to spring programs have reached the end of their run, which makes A B Series’ eighth season completed on June 6, the final programming season as such. Whether A B Series’ future lies in a reformatted schedule of events or in publishing or a combination thereof, we’re excited about the opportunities that lie ahead. And dare we say, the completion of eight seasons, blending innovative, international poetry and music, is reason to celebrate.

So for now, so long. We’ll soon be posting a chronology of events in A B Series’ eight seasons. There are many photos from events still to post so stay tuned and we’ll see you soon!

Thank you to the artists and the audiences that made the eight seasons happen. Thank you to Max Middle, our sole employee, who has ensured that all has gone according to plan since November 2007. Thank you to our many generous volunteers, partners and supporters.